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Message from Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Petrillo, Ed. D., Pastor


"Back to School Prayer for Educators"

As I step into a new academic year,
Restore my spirit.
Renew my passion for sharing your wisdom 
And nurture my compassion 
for those You put in my charge.

Transform me as I seek to transform:
Guide me as I seek to guide;
Open my mind and heart
As I seek to open minds and hearts
To the Good News of justice and peace.

Help me listen more deeply
To the world and to your Word,
So I can walk with my students,
Attentive to the Wisdom that
Calls us all to the Kingdom of God.




Rev.Msgr. Thomas F. Petrillo, Ed. D., Pastor 

Fr. Frank Prima, Associate Priest

Fr. Dominique de Lafforest, Associate Priest

Dcn. James A. Brown, Deacon

Dcn. Jack Shea, Deacon

Mrs. Nancy Winnis, Parish Manager

Mrs. Cassie Liagre, Bulletin

Mr. Joseph Spina, Sexton

Mrs. Fatima deCarvalho-Gianni, Principal

Mrs. Patricia Howard, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Lesley Moreno, School Administrative Assistant

Dcn. Jack Shea, Director of Parish Ministries of Rel. Ed.

Mrs. Catherine Avery, Rel. Ed. Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Kate Owen, Director of Music

Mr. Jorge Mairena and Mr. Khem Sukhram, Custodians




Ms. Elaine Porter

Mr. John M. Dillon




Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries: Deacon Jack Shea

Adult Chorus: Practice Saturday 9:45 to 11:00am in church, 10:30am Mass Sunday.

Choristers: Tuesday 3:00 to 3:45pm in Church

Knights of Columbus: Jeffrey Phillips, G.K.

Food Pantry: Mr. Martin Ronan

CYO: Mr. John Hannaway

School PSPA: Mrs. Adriana Greco and Mrs.  Carolyn Miceli

The Women's Guild: Mrs. Judy Kemp and Mrs. Christy Thornton

Alcoholics Anonymous: Fridays 8:00pm in the Auditorium

Crisis Pregnancy & Post Abortion Counseling: 1-800-648-4357


Monday through Friday: 9:30am - 4:30pm

No Office Hours: Saturday, Sunday or Legal Holidays

In an emergency, you may call at any time 914-834-5467

Every Family moving into the Parish is invited to register at the Rectory. Please introduce yourself to one of the Clergy. If you change your address, please notify us. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN OUR PARISH FAMILY. 


Please use the envelope system. Remember all donations are tax deductible!


Parish School: (914) 834-6332
Religious Education:

Sacred Music Office: