Church of Sts. John and Paul

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 Father John Bonnici, Pastor



"Back to School Prayer for Educators"

As I step into a new academic year,
Restore my spirit.
Renew my passion for sharing your wisdom 
And nurture my compassion 
for those You put in my charge.

Transform me as I seek to transform:
Guide me as I seek to guide;
Open my mind and heart
As I seek to open minds and hearts
To the Good News of justice and peace.

Help me listen more deeply
To the world and to your Word,
So I can walk with my students,
Attentive to the Wisdom that
Calls us all to the Kingdom of God.



Father John Bonnici, Pastor 

Father Louis P. Masi, Associate Priest

Dcn. James A. Brown, Deacon

Dcn. Jack Shea, Deacon

Mrs. Fatima deCarvalho-Gianni, Principal

Mrs. Patricia Howard, Vice Principal

Ms. Dayna Packes, School Administrative Assistant

Dcn. Jack Shea, Director of Parish Ministries of Rel. Ed.

Mrs. Catherine Avery, Rel. Ed. Administrative Assistant



Parish School: (914) 834-6332
Religious Education: