Week of July 12

Teachers have been offered a professional development course on G-Suite in preparation for all students being 1-to-1 with chromebooks.

Uniform Update

Pre-K to 1st grade will wear the gym uniform everyday.  We  require they wear sneakers or sneaker like shoes that are either velcro or slip on styles. 

Members of the committee will be attending the following webinars offered by AdvancEd:

  1. Addressing Gaps in Learning through Curriculum Alignment
  2. Addressing Gaps in Learning Through Formative Assessments
  3. Addressing Gaps in Learning Through Differentiated Learning

A new math series math has been adopted in grades 6-8, including Algebra I. All resources will now be available online. 

Castle Learning, an online assignment database, has been purchased for grades 5-8


Mrs. Fatima Gianni

Mrs. Patricia Howard

Mrs. Elsa Douineau

Mrs. Sabrina Rocchio

Mr. Anthony Scotti