Saints John and Paul School

Accelerated Learning Program for Students (ALPS)


The Accelerated Learning Program for Students (ALPS) offers academically and intellectually identified middle school students the opportunity to participate in an accelerated enriching classes (language arts, social studies and or math) in grades fifth through seventh grade. At SJP the eighth grade also has an advanced math class (Algebra CC) taught during the school day and a Shakespeare Class taught before school. These students will be identified at the end of 7th grade. In math they must maintain a 90% or better on all tests in 7th grade, Score in the 90th percentile in ITBS, have a high 3 or 4 on the State Exams and must show a commitment to math, self-motivated and a willingness to be challenged in Algebra CC. Even though students are placed in ALPS you may not be placed in Algebra CC in Eighth Grade. The Shakespeare Enrichment Class will be offered to our ALPS students.   Students may qualify for placement in the ALPS classes, in advanced Algebra CC, or in both.  Students in these classes can expect an enriched and accelerated curriculum as well as assignments that are more rigorous.  Placement in advanced math classes is a separate identification process will take place in the summer upon entering their eighth grade academic school year.  

Consideration for Middle School ALPS Classes

Early in each academic year, the ITBS will be administered to all students in SJP.  Using the results of this test and other educational records, students having potential of benefiting from participation in the ALPS program are identified.  Students whose recent ITBS reading  achievement scores is at or above the 85th percentile and or their math scores are at or above the 85% will be initially identified and placed on a list for possible placement in the program. Students’ classroom grades, teacher recommendation and New York State Scores will also help to determine permanent placement. Students will be placed in September of the academic school year. Students may be considered after the first and second semester with teacher recommendation and academic test scores in the 95% and above consistently.

The challenges of the ALPS program require both students and their families to make a commitment of time and energy.  Students and families who elect to participate in the program agree to work together to ensure that the student:

  •   Participates for a full academic year in the assigned placement
  •   Classwork and assignments will be of high quality and submitted on time
  •   Class participation will be active and appropriate and students will come prepared to class.
  •   A minimum grade of "B" will be maintained in each ALPS class.


ALPS was referenced from the internet in several areas as accelerated programs in different universities, states, etc.